IGI President Arun G. Rao Quoted in The Washington Post Regarding Recent Gun Violence in the District of Columbia

IGI President Arun G. Rao was quoted in The Washington Post’s coverage of recent gun violence in the District of Columbia. An excerpt follows:

Arun G. Rao, a former assistant U.S. attorney for Maryland, said that he gets why it exasperates police to rearrest the same people but that prosecutors and judges must consider many issues.

“The chief’s frustration is understandable, and I think a lot of that frustration is justified,” said Rao, who was chief of the Southern Division of the federal prosecutor’s office in Greenbelt. “The circumstances on the ground are consistent with what the chief has identified as a problem — people are having repeated encounters with the system, and yet they are still on the street.”

But Rao said “there are other factors that also come into play,” such as the circumstances of an arrest and a defendant’s criminal history, along with prior assessments of a defendant’s risk of flight and potential danger to the community.

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