Law360 Publishes Arun G. Rao’s Analysis on Vetting Lessons from President Trump’s Judicial Nominations

Law360 has published IGI Executive Vice President Arun Rao’s analysis on the vetting of President Trump’s judicial nominations.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced 12 new judicial nominations. In the coming weeks, we will discover whether these candidates have learned from the mistakes made by the three judicial nominees who were forced to withdraw in December after serious bipartisan concerns arose regarding their qualifications (or lack thereof). What lessons about the selection and vetting process can potential nominees learn from the three high-profile failures in 2017?

Having previously served on the vetting team in the White House during the Obama Administration, three important points come to mind. First, think carefully before accepting a nomination – there is no substitute for basic qualifications. Second, disclose early and disclose broadly. Third, understand your weaknesses and be prepared to respond.

As the mid-term elections approach, the challenges faced by Trump Administration judicial nominees will only increase. Potential candidates who fail to heed the lessons provided by the recent spate of failed nominations risk meeting similar fates.

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