The Wall Street Journal Publishes Obituary of Founder Terry F. Lenzner

The Wall Street Journal has published an obituary of Terry F. Lenzner, the founder of IGI / The Lenzner Firm, titled, “Terry Lenzner Cultivated Fearsome Reputation as Sleuth for Hire.”  An excerpt follows:

“After forming an investigative service known as IGI in 1984, he helped companies size up potential partners, find dirt on hostile bidders or short sellers and uncover the misdeeds of rogue employees. …  He was paid to examine conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana. … One frustration he found in his work was that rich people sometimes wanted him to validate their theories rather than find the truth. He saw the Watergate investigation as an example of Democrats and Republicans working together, without a preconceived outcome, and acknowledging common sets of facts as they were revealed.  “Our country has forgotten the lessons of Watergate,” he wrote. One result, he added, is that “the truth is what you can get enough people to believe.””

Read the full obituary here.