Antitrust Investigations

IGI’s investigators and attorneys draw on their robust experience and deep understanding of current laws and regulations to conduct sophisticated antitrust investigations on behalf of their clients. IGI’s experience with antitrust and competition-related investigations spans a wide variety of industries and sectors, including but not limited to transportation, manufacturing and distribution, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and professional and collegiate athletics. Corporations and individuals rely on IGI’s expertise to provide clear analysis and actionable intelligence tailored to their specific antitrust concerns.

IGI’s investigations are carefully designed to provide clients with an informational advantage, to help clients better analyze their competitive landscape, and to develop evidence that will allow clients to prevail in litigation and antitrust disputes. Experienced with both civil and criminal antitrust issues, IGI provides research and fact gathering expertise, strategic advice, and litigation assistance.

Litigation Support and Settlement Negotiation

Once a dispute has commenced, IGI supports clients in bringing, or defending against, allegations of antitrust or competition law violations. IGI is experienced in providing in-depth research to assist clients in matters initiated by federal and state agencies and in arming clients with information to assist in settlement or damage negotiations.

  • IGI’s client filed what was to become a landmark antitrust lawsuit against a competitor that held more than five times our client’s market share for a consumer product that both companies sold in grocery and convenience stores nationwide. The complaint accused the defendant of monopolizing the product market by engaging in exclusionary, restrictive and anti-competitive conduct, including through abuse of its category manager position with the retailers. IGI surveillance teams operating around the country captured covert video of the defendant’s delivery drivers in the act of discarding, damaging and destroying our client’s products, product display racks and in-store point-of-sale advertising. IGI also identified witnesses who testified at trial, including former drivers who admitted to the acts caught on tape and acknowledged acting under orders from company management. On this and other evidence, the jury returned a verdict, fully upheld on appeal, of one of the largest affirmed antitrust judgments ever won. Evidence collected by IGI was credited by the client, and cited in judicial opinions, as having supported the jury’s verdict.