Business Dispute Investigations

IGI provides corporate and individual clients with discreet investigative services to help them prevail in a wide variety of business disputes. IGI has extensive experience using its proprietary research methods – including access to confidential sources around the world – to uncover obscure information and collect actionable business intelligence on behalf of its clients.

IGI regularly provides assistance in business disputes involving partners, vendors, suppliers, employees, competitors, and families, as well as complex portfolios and properties.

Through the use of in-depth public records research, forensic accounting, cyber forensics, and personal interviews, IGI gathers evidence and produces targeted or comprehensive reports (as needed) that provide clients with the information necessary to prevail in a business dispute or to maintain a strategic advantage.

IGI’s Business Dispute Investigations service includes:

Intelligence Gathering

IGI arms clients with the intelligence and, where necessary, the admissible evidence needed in a particular situation. IGI investigators know how to find information on adversaries using investigative techniques that are not only effective, but also ethical and legal.

Goal-Oriented Reporting

IGI strives to provide clients with information and results that will readily add value to a strategic response to a business dispute. IGI’s investigative reports can benefit clients in a variety of settings, including litigation, hostile takeovers, and commercial disputes, as well as regulatory and legislative actions.