Investigative Services for Colleges and Universities

IGI regularly provides premier due diligence and timely, critical information to colleges and universities considering new hires for high-profile institutional leadership roles. IGI also conducts focused fact-finding investigations for potential Title IX infractions on campus. On both fronts, IGI’s investigative work can help prevent damage to the reputation and academic integrity of the institution.

IGI is familiar with the unique needs of higher education institutions and carefully crafts its investigations to focus on areas of potential concern. IGI is accustomed to working with complex governance structures and addressing concerns from multiple stakeholders, often with divergent views.

IGI’s Specialized Services for Colleges and Universities include:

Vetting of Candidates for Senior Academic and Administrative Leadership Positions

IGI helps colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning support hiring decisions and mitigate risk by investigating candidates for senior leadership roles.  As expert fact-finders, IGI can quickly and accurately analyze the credentials, educational background, reputation, and track records of prospective hires, IGI investigators are skilled at finding and identifying potential discrepancies or undisclosed vulnerabilities. The vetting process includes assessing the accuracy of a potential president, chancellor, dean, or other senior leader’s representations as to their experience and capabilities and to flag any areas of concern.

Title IX Investigations

IGI understands the sensitive nature of Title IX investigations – including the potentially traumatic experience of the complainant, the difficulties facing the accused, and the concerns of the institution and its stakeholders.  With the utmost commitment to discretion and confidentiality, IGI assists colleges and universities with Title IX investigations by developing accurate and reliable information regarding allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence on campus.