Competitive and Regulatory Intelligence

IGI has worked for numerous clients who have been targeted in campaigns waged by adverse parties attempting to disparage the client’s products or services or to damage the client’s reputation, its ability to do business or raise capital, or its standing with government regulators.

We have been successful in identifying the adverse parties arrayed against our client, tracing their ties to each other and sources of funding, tracking their plans, and monitoring and exposing their activities. We have advised clients on how to best mount a defense by leveraging such intelligence to inform and support their legal, media, public affairs, and lobbying strategies.

Multinational corporations entering new markets or vying for major contracts task IGI to survey the competitive landscape and advise on political and other risk factors. Fortune 500 companies seeking to preserve or expand market share hire IGI to obtain information about their competitors’ strategic plans, product pipelines and financial wherewithal. Hedge funds and other asset managers retain IGI to research existing or prospective portfolio companies and other investments.

We apply proprietary methods developed and honed over many years, as well as access to a wide network of discreet sources worldwide, to collect actionable business and regulatory intelligence to help our corporate and individual clients maintain and gain an advantage in competitive  situations.