IGI brings strong capabilities to assist clients in compliance matters. Executive Vice President Larry Potts leads this practice area. His prior experience includes 15 years at the head of the compliance function of a prominent company in a highly regulated business.

Potts personally provides clients with practical C-Suite and Director level advice on a broad range of governance and management issues, including, for example: the role of directors and top management in an organization’s compliance culture; training and achieving cooperation of line managers in complying with thorny policy requirements; relationships with regulators; and staffing, training, and managing the organization’s internal monitoring and auditing function.

Potts’s comprehensive experience is also prominent in IGI’s capability to perform assessments of an organization’s compliance function. Annual independent assessments are widely considered to be a best practice and are required in various forms by many regulators. IGI also can assist in the development of comprehensive and practical policies and techniques to monitor and test adherence to those policies

IGI has substantial experience investigating suspected compliance issues, including, for example, bribes, defalcations, leaks of confidential information, and violations of AML and government contracting requirements. IGI’s extensive experience in vetting businesses and individuals around the world backs our due diligence work on vendors, partners, and agents- as required by the FCPA.