Crisis Communications Support

IGI’s expertise extends beyond fact finding to include how to make best use of the information identified. If an investigation or litigation has a potential public relations component or is already making headlines, IGI works with corporate executives, decision makers, and affected individuals on both the legal and communications fronts.

IGI assists with the development and execution of sophisticated media strategies. IGI’s experienced professionals work with clients’ communications and legal teams to navigate internal and external crises and public affairs issues, amending media narratives and repairing damaged public standings. IGI carries out strategically-crafted campaigns directly with those who can make the difference between winning or losing in the court of public opinion.

IGI’s Crisis Communications Support services include:


Determining the truth behind a crisis is the first step in combating one. IGI’s team members are experts at uncovering facts – because accurate facts are required in order to ensure that employees, shareholders, and the public understand the true nature of a complex situation, as well as the steps being taken to address concerns.

Communications Strategies

By proactively combating a crisis through the media, IGI empowers organizations to shape the narrative and persuade audiences, whether through traditional media, social media and blogs, or industry and trade publications. IGI helps clients sends the right messages to influencers and opinion-makers through an extensive network of contacts in print and digital media, government entities, and non-profit organizations.

Reputation Recovery

After a crisis, IGI analysts and communications specialists closely monitor both digital and traditional media. With deep experience navigating the current fast-moving media environment, IGI helps clients stay abreast of developments and proactively craft messages to restore and maintain their reputations.

Risk Management

IGI’s crisis communications specialists help clients develop and revise policies to prevent and mitigate reputational risks prior to a crisis occurring.  By applying best practices, IGI helps clients avoid public relations issues and prevent those that do arise from becoming debilitating problems.