Executive and Pre-Employment Background Checks and Board Member Vetting

Executives and managers are routinely found to have falsified resumes or credentials, sometimes in connection with financial or other malfeasance. When this occurs, attention inevitably is drawn to the hiring process and the shortcomings of the vetting work performed.

IGI regularly conducts executive and pre-employment background checks and board member vetting domestically and internationally for corporations, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms, universities, nonprofit organizations, and executive search firms, to help these clients mitigate risk in prospective hirings and appointments.

Our background checks are scalable in scope and budget to be proportionate to perceived risk factors and the complexity of the candidate’s background, and are compliant with applicable privacy regulations. We carefully and methodically search the available public record, check and verify a candidate’s claimed credentials, and flag any misrepresentations, material omissions, or discrepancies. When appropriate, and with the client’s authorization, we conduct discreet reputational interviews that go beyond merely checking a subject’s references. In more in-depth background checks, we delve into details of the candidate’s professional performance and track record, including any crises or controversies on his or her watch at previous employers.

IGI’s Background Check and Executive Vetting services include:

  • Executive Background Checks

IGI thoroughly investigates, not only an executive’s past performance, track record, and public persona, but also any potential controversies or conflicts to which the individual could be linked. IGI explores personal associations and professional background, including financial history and legal disputes or lawsuits involving the individual or the organizations with which they have been associated.

  • Pre-Employment Background Checks

Vetting mid-level managers and employees in positions of trust is equally essential to maintaining corporate integrity and reputation. IGI’s background checks seek to uncover any potential inaccuracies or conflicts with an applicant’s profile as presented in the interview process.

  • Prospective Board Member Vetting

With responsibility for an organization’s strategy and future growth, board members must carry a strong reputation and demonstrate success in advisory roles. When vetting prospective board members, IGI explores both organizational successes and concerning situations encountered during the individual’s tenure in previous corporate leadership roles and board positions.