FCPA Due Diligence

We have applied our deep knowledge of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and our sophisticated understanding of associated risk factors to conduct FCPA due diligence investigations worldwide and to provide our clients related guidance and compliance services.

IGI’s FCPA due diligence investigations have vetted our client companies’ prospective overseas agents, business partners, vendors, and key in-country new hires in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. In larger engagements involving pre-acquisition or pre-investment due diligence, we also incorporate country and political risk assessment, verification of subject entities’ assets and operational capabilities, and other proactive steps to mitigate client’s market entry and business execution risk factors.

The starting point of these investigations is the public record, but in some venues, public information is limited – thus requiring discreet reputational inquiries of knowledgeable sources, such as the subject entities’ clients, customers, competitors, or former employees, or government or NGO officials.

The scope of our investigations typically include consideration of whether subject individuals may be construed to be politically exposed persons (“PEPs”), as well as research into subjects’ possible business, political, family, or social ties to government officials. We also search subjects’ names through U.S. and international watch-lists of sanctioned and proscribed parties.