Intellectual Property and Anti-Piracy Investigations

IGI conducts investigations involving intellectual property issues including counterfeiting, piracy, patent infringement, and copyright and trademark infringement, as well as contraband smuggling and so-called “gray market” product diversion.

Our investigations have involved a diversity of products, including computer hardware and software, art, music, films, pharmaceuticals, toys, designer apparel and accessories, watches, cigarettes, and sporting equipment.

IGI’s general approach to IP investigations involves identifying and developing intelligence on those involved in the illegal operations, including the production of counterfeit goods, logistical support systems (including production of packaging materials), export, import, distribution, and sales channels, and – where applicable– corruption of law enforcement and customs officials.

IGI has infiltrated counterfeiting rings by impersonating buyers and suppliers in order to purchase products and collect evidence – both in-person and over the Internet, and at the retail and wholesale levels. IGI also coordinates domestic and foreign customs and law enforcement authorities to effect the interdiction and impounding of counterfeit goods.

IGI works with corporate clients to conduct internal and external investigations of suspected industrial espionage and theft of proprietary information and trade secrets, and to investigate former employees suspected of violating non-compete agreements. IGI also advises clients on methods for protecting company trade secrets and minimizing loss of proprietary information.