Mitigation of Online Threats and Disparagement

We provide concierge-level assistance to high-profile individuals and entities facing online personal and reputational attacks, threats and disparagement. IGI offers a comprehensive suite of services to: investigate and identify the source of the threat and determine its full scope; attack the problem both online and in the physical world, via security enhancements and mitigation and minimization techniques; tailor a communications and public relations strategy related to the incident; and provide counsel on potential legal remedies through its affiliated law firm.

As needed, IGI also collaborates with clients’ existing legal or public relations counsel in crafting appropriate responses to the online threat or crisis.

IGI’s Mitigation of Online Threats and Disparagement services include:

Addressing Threats Online

In order to formulate an appropriate response, IGI first develops an informed assessment of the scope, impact, and seriousness of the negative online content, as well as the availability of the client or impacted parties’ personal information online. IGI’s initial investigative results are then used to determine parties’ potential motives and thereby inform IGI’s recommendations to the client. Depending on the situation, possible responses and recommendations could include mitigation and removal techniques, public relations and communications efforts, legal action, physical security enhancements, and educational and tutorial services in social media and online content management.

Tracing Sources

If a client’s threat – whether impersonation, harassment or cyberstalking – is coming from an anonymous or unknown entity or individual, identification of the source is integral in order to determine the best response. To this end, IGI deploys sophisticated cyber forensics resources, public records and social media research, and human intelligence efforts to identify responsible individuals. Where appropriate, and in conjunction with the client and in consideration of their unique concerns and objectives, IGI may coordinate with law enforcement agencies regarding the threat.

Reducing Online Vulnerabilities

After determining the scope and seriousness of the online threat, IGI may take steps to remove, to the extent possible, the nefarious online content and also minimize the availability of a client’s publicly-available online information. IGI’s potential responses may include removing a client’s personal information from search results, collaborating with media outlets to reduce exposure in existing publications, and coordinating with appropriate third-parties to remove trademarked content online. IGI also can educate clients and stakeholders on current best-practices related to online behaviors, password management, and personal profile monitoring strategies. IGI also can continue to monitor the situation and address new concerns, should they arise.