Political Candidate and Campaign Research

IGI has been helping political candidates, campaigns, committees, and organizations for more than 30 years. Our significant experience includes providing candidate self-research and opposition research to candidates for the presidency, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, state governors and attorneys general, and other prominent political figures to provide their campaigns with crucial information that has been credited with changing the course of elections.

Our deliverables in these engagements consist of clear and concise narratives that can be readily adapted for a variety of purposes, including campaign commercials, polling, earned media, communications strategy, debate preparation, government or public affair campaigns, and rapid response and crisis communications.

Candidate Self-Research

IGI conducts self-due diligence research for candidates or committees in anticipation of an electoral campaign, providing comprehensive and detailed assessments of candidates’ personal, professional, and political vulnerabilities.

Opposition Research

In our opposition research, we collect and analyze information about the opposing candidate’s political, professional, financial, and personal background to uncover political or ethical vulnerabilities and that could become an electoral obstacle.

IGI also works with political parties to train campaign staff in the fundamentals of opposition research through seminars on subjects including: researching public records efficiently and comprehensively; strategies for conducting interviews; using financial reporting in the context of a political campaign; and tips on effectively and discreetly incorporating the results of research into earned media.

Crisis Communications

If a potential political crisis is looming, IGI’s investigators and public relations specialists help develop and deploy a response. IGI handles proactive and reactive media relations for clients, including crafting and executing media plans that result in positive news stories for clients and improve their online reputations and public perception following the crisis.

Vetting of Donors, Bundlers and Surrogates

IGI can help campaigns better identify and assess potential political, legal, ethical, or public relations issues related to prospective campaign donors, bundlers, and surrogates.