Reputation Defense

In today’s business climate, accusations against a company, even if unfounded or merely alleged, may trigger a public relations crisis which, amplified and multiplied on the internet, can escalate into an existential threat. Sometimes a company’s size alone, its role as an innovator or disruptor, or its bid to enter a new market can paint a bullseye on its back.

Companies may find themselves simultaneously facing Congressional hearings, pending government regulatory action, class action lawsuits, negative press coverage, public protests or calls for a boycott.

In fact, such events may stem from, or be propelled by a coordinated disinformation campaign being waged against our client. In these cases, we work to identify and profile the actors arrayed against our client and to expose the sometimes hidden connections and collusion among them. A consumer watchdog group might turn out to be a front for plaintiffs’ attorneys who are recruiting litigants. Congressional hearings might have been instigated by lobbyists in the pay of a competing business. Regulatory action or negative publicity might have been sparked by a dossier of negative or misleading information circulated by the same competing business, or by a short-selling hedge fund trying to drive down our client’s share price. Grassroots activist or advocacy groups might be funded by moneyed interests who are adverse to our client.

IGI has developed proprietary sources and methods to identify the perpetrators of such campaigns. The Washington Post called IGI “Legendary for its ‘opposition research probes’ – political or otherwise – that surface unseen connections.” We are highly experienced in working with our clients’ inside or outside government relations and strategic communications teams to leverage results of our investigations to shift narratives and outcomes in our clients’ favor.