Supply Chain Integrity Vetting

IGI’s supply chain integrity vetting practice is a specialized application of our broader due diligence and compliance practice services. Our work in this area includes due diligence of clients’ prospective overseas vendors and suppliers, as well as compliance audits and on-site inspections of those vendors and suppliers with whom the client has existing relationships. IGI gauges the vendors’ and suppliers’ adherence to applicable laws, social and ethical norms, and to our clients’ own codes of conduct with respect to occupational safety and health, working conditions, child labor, sustainability, human rights, and other manufacturing best practices standards.

IGI also traces the provenance of raw materials and products of extractive industries offered for sale by brokers or middlemen, including to verify country or place of origin and to ensure compliance with sanctions, international conventions, and reporting and supply chain auditing requirements under conflict minerals regulations.

IGI has also been called upon to investigate cases of product tampering, as well as contamination and adulteration of product inputs and ingredients.