Litigation Support

IGI has decades of collective and institutional experience helping clients prevail in litigation and arbitration. IGI works closely with inside and outside counsel throughout all stages of a lawsuit: before a complaint is filed, in advance of settlement, during discovery, in trial, and on appeal. Clients count on us to collect unimpeachable evidence and to do so ethically and in compliance with the rules of professional responsibility, using proper procedures and maintaining the appropriate chain of custody.

We are typically asked to identify, locate, interview, and obtain sworn statements from potential witnesses; investigate parties to a dispute; check backgrounds of adversarial fact or expert witnesses for issues that might be used to challenge their credibility or to show bias; vet our clients’ own experts; recommend documents to be requested in discovery or questions to be posed in deposition; perform a pre-litigation asset search to evaluate the likelihood of collecting on a judgment; and locate assets and income that can be seized in satisfaction of a judgment.

IGI brings to bear an array of investigative tools and resources in litigation support investigations, including forensic accounting examination of financial records and use of computer forensics to search terabytes of data, restore deleted e-mails and computer files, or to construct a minute-by-minute or keystroke-by-keystroke chronology of a person’s computer activity at a crucial time. In our white-collar criminal defense cases, we draw on the specialized experience and expertise of our former prosecutors and law enforcement officials.

  • IGI’s client, a medical device manufacturer, and its CEO were indicted in federal court on felony criminal charges, over allegations that their sales reps promoted “off-label” use of its FDA-approved treatment kit. After trial, the company and its CEO were exonerated when the jury acquitted on all counts. Working for attorneys representing the company, IGI’s investigators developed in-depth background profiles of more than 20 government fact and expert witnesses, often on short notice. IGI’s investigations uncovered information that impeached the credibility of certain key government witnesses or otherwise undermined their suitability as witnesses, such as undisclosed criminal convictions, misrepresentations and omissions on résumés, controversial or embarrassing social media postings, and false or self-incriminating statements or representations made in other cases and records. The client’s counsel credited IGI’s reporting for having contributed to their success at trial by informing their strategic decision-making and their cross-examination of witnesses.
  • A law firm representing a foreign national in the energy sector that was indicted on federal conspiracy and extortion charges retained IGI to vet the government’s main cooperating witness as well as other potential prosecution and defense witnesses. IGI provided detailed background research reports on numerous witnesses, collected and documented impeachment material, and located and interviewed witnesses on multiple continents. IGI was also asked to preserve evidence for trial, including web-based material. Our work product helped the client gain leverage during plea negotiations, which resulted in a favorable disposition for our client.
  • IGI assisted a client in litigation against the U.S. government for environmental contamination of the client’s property near a biological weapon testing facility. IGI’s investigation included research on the government’s efforts over many years to identify the contamination’s cause and to limit and remediate the damage. Building on public source research, IGI identified and interviewed individuals with relevant knowledge, including people who lived near the contaminating facility and witnessed improper disposal activities, former government officials involved in the management of the contamination issues, and others who had previously investigated the government’s activities in connection with their separate damage issues resulting from the contamination. The results of this investigative work supported the client’s pretrial litigation and helped inform strategic case decisions.
  • On behalf of a law firm representing a Fortune 500 company in claims administration during an economic and property damages settlement, IGI determined the veracity of potential claimants’ representations. IGI conducted research into roughly 40 claimants representations in a two-month period to identify, inventory, and corroborate or disprove claimants’ assertions regarding their business locations, and purported ownership and use of land, commercial real estate, trailers, and portable management facilities. Our investigators dispatched and managed onsite researchers, utilized approved building permits, permit applications, zoning documents, city meeting minutes, and archived satellite images to obtain photographic and public records evidence of management facilities relevant to the client’s key objectives. Through these efforts, IGI helped our client prevail in dismissing potentially fraudulent or misrepresentative claims that were submitted to the settlement claims administrator.
  • A plaintiffs’ law firm filed a purported class action against IGI’s client, a computer component maker whose share price had dropped. Working closely with outside counsel, IGI developed information demonstrating that the lead plaintiff, a hedge fund, had massively shorted the defendant company – information improperly withheld from the court in the motion to be designated lead plaintiff. In fact, the lead plaintiff had purchased the defendant company’s shares only to cover its short sales. IGI also detailed information showing that the hedge fund had spearheaded a lengthy campaign to drive down the defendant company’s share price. In one instance, hedge fund employees assumed false names and impersonated bona fide buy-side securities analysts on the company’s quarterly earnings conference call, to air false and misleading accusations. IGI also discovered that the hedge fund had coordinated these efforts with lead counsel in the lawsuit. Indeed, the complaint was drafted even before the defendant’s share price dropped. Revelation of these facts led the presiding judge to strip the hedge fund of its lead plaintiff status and to express “serious concerns” about lead counsel’s role.
  • On behalf of a corporate client with multi-billion dollar annual revenues, IGI uncovered evidence that an adversary in litigation had orchestrated unethical efforts to influence an elected official. IGI researchers and investigators searched a wide array of public records, and through sophisticated analysis detected possible patterns of misconduct by seemingly unrelated parties that led to IGI’s uncovering this scheme. IGI personnel, including former law enforcement and communications specialists, assisted in the design and implementation of the client’s legal and public relations strategies that were derived from the results of the investigation.
  • IGI conducted a multi-year investigation of a leading plaintiffs’ law firm on behalf of several corporate clients sued by the law firm in class actions. IGI developed extensive evidence against the law firm and its partners relating to the firm’s alleged payment of kickbacks and use of use of paid plaintiffs, its ties to short-selling hedge funds, its alleged misrepresentations to courts, and its control and financial support of a non-profit entity that hosted conferences at luxury resorts to which it invited judges and federal regulators. IGI provided the information to federal prosecutors who brought criminal charges against the firm and its name partners.
  • IGI was retained by counsel to the estate of an iconic rock star to assist it in litigation against former managers who had misappropriated royalty monies and other assets over a 25-year period. The litigation related to the managers’ business activities in the U.S., Europe and in overseas tax havens. Employing staff and resources on three continents, IGI’s investigation helped lead to the recovery of stolen assets and supported successful litigation for restoration of music rights and royalty income streams to the late artist’s surviving family members.
  • IGI’s client filed what was to become a landmark antitrust lawsuit against a competitor that held more than five times our client’s market share for a consumer product that both companies sold in grocery and convenience stores nationwide. Our client’s complaint accused the defendant of monopolizing the product market by engaging in exclusionary, restrictive and anticompetitive conduct, including through abuse of its category manager position with the retailers. IGI surveillance teams operating around the country captured covert video of the defendant’s delivery drivers in the act of discarding, damaging and destroying our client’s products, product display racks and in-store point-of-sale advertising. IGI also identified witnesses who testified at trial, including store owners that witnessed the acts, and former drivers who admitted to the acts caught on tape and acknowledged acting under orders from company management. On this and other evidence, the jury returned a verdict, fully upheld on appeal, of one of the largest affirmed antitrust judgments ever won. Evidence collected by IGI was credited by the client, and cited in judicial opinions, as having supported the jury’s verdict.
  • IGI assisted a defendant in a lawsuit brought by the estate of a high-profile celebrity, seeking significant monetary damages. In support of our client’s lawyers’ trial preparation, IGI investigators located and reviewed voluminous records, identified and interviewed witnesses, prepared in-depth profiles of dozens of fact and expert witnesses expected to be called by the plaintiffs, and discovered, developed, and documented exculpatory facts and issues to be presented to the jury. Our investigative work contributed to our client’s victory at trial, with a jury finding in favor of our client on all causes of action.