Expert fact finding, risk assessment, and advisory services for complex and high-stakes situations


Founded in 1984 by former Senate Watergate Committee counsel Terry F. Lenzner, IGI is a preeminent risk advisory and corporate investigations firm comprised of former prosecutors, forensic accountants, researchers, investigators, and analysts who come from the White House, federal law enforcement, intelligence agencies, the financial services industry, and journalism. Our team helps clients gather facts and intelligence, mitigate risk, and prevail in adversarial situations.

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For more than three decades, IGI has maintained a steadfast commitment to the truth, uncovering crucial facts that have influenced high-stakes legal battles and shaped major events- while always upholding the highest ethical standards.

With core specialties in internal investigations, regulatory and competitive intelligence, due diligence, executive background investigations, and litigation support, IGI provides its clients with unparalleled strategic counsel and technical expertise from former prosecutors and sophisticated analysts, investigators, accountants, and public relations specialists.


Experts in complex fact-finding investigations, IGI’s team of former prosecutors, researchers, analysts, and investigators have hone their information-collection and analytical skills in a wide variety of complex legal, financial, and governance matters spanning more than 30 years.

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