We have helped political candidates, campaigns, committees, and organizations for 40 years, providing self-research and opposition research to candidates for the U.S. presidency, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, state governors and attorneys general, and other candidates for high office. Our findings have been credited with changing the course of campaigns.

Our deliverables in these engagements consist of clear and concise narratives that can be readily adapted for a variety of purposes, including campaign commercials, polling, earned media, communications strategy, debate preparation, government or public affair campaigns, and rapid response and crisis communications.

  • Opposition Research

    In our opposition research, we collect and analyze information about the opposing candidate’s political, professional, financial, and personal background to uncover political or ethical vulnerabilities of electoral relevance.

    IGI also works with political parties to train campaign staff in the fundamentals of opposition research through seminars on subjects including: researching public records efficiently and comprehensively; strategies for conducting interviews; using financial reporting in the context of a political campaign; and tips on effectively and discreetly incorporating the results of research into earned media.

  • Self-Vetting

    IGI conducts self-due diligence research for candidates or committees in anticipation of a campaign, providing comprehensive and detailed assessments of candidates’ personal, professional, and political vulnerabilities.

  • Services for Political Appointees and Nominees

    IGI works with individuals nominated for or seeking nomination to a political appointment, to determine potential vulnerabilities that may arise during the extensive government vetting and (when applicable) U.S. Senate confirmation process. Led by former White House officials in charge of vetting political appointees and a U.S. Senate staff member responsible for vetting nominees, IGI helps clients prepare for scrutiny of their financial, business, and legal history.

    The vetting process for those appointed to high-level positions at the state or national level can be grueling, particularly for those with complicated business dealings or financial holdings. IGI assists clients throughout this rigorous process by guiding their self-vetting efforts, advising on the application paperwork, protecting their interests, and minimizing the financial and personal risks that can arise from public disclosure of sensitive information.

    These types of engagements typically begin with a self-due diligence review. IGI helps candidates understand potential liabilities and vulnerabilities in their private and public backgrounds, finances, and careers.

    We also guide clients on requirements imposed by various steps of the political appointment process, including the financial disclosure requirements for applicants and officeholders and the issues that can arise during this public process. We work with clients on completing the Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF 86), Public Financial Disclosure Reports (including the Office of Government Ethics Forms 278 and 450), tax review, and other paperwork required for a particular appointed position, such as those within the U.S. executive and judicial branches.

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