The key to hiring and appointing with confidence: conducting thorough and thoughtful background investigations that reflect and protect your organization’s values and standards.

IGI provides comprehensive executive pre-employment background checks and board member vetting services to our nation's top universities, Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and non-profit organizations. Our thorough background investigations of prospective job candidates and board members are designed to identify and mitigate risk in the hiring process.

Executives and managers are routinely found to have falsified resumes or credentials, sometimes in connection with financial or other malfeasance. When this occurs, attention inevitably is drawn to the hiring process and the shortcomings of the vetting work performed. Faults in the vetting process can cause great financial and reputational risk to your institution.

Our in-house lawyers ensure that our investigation is compliant with applicable privacy and Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations. We carefully and methodically

  • search the available public record
  • check and verify a candidate’s claimed credentials
  • flag any misrepresentations, material omissions, or discrepancies.

Upon request, we thoroughly review the candidate's public persona on social media and in press to screen for controversial content that may be cause for reputational concern.

When appropriate, and with the client’s authorization, we conduct discreet reputational interviews that go beyond merely checking a subject’s references. In more in-depth background checks, we delve into details of the candidate’s professional performance and track record, including any crises or controversies on his or her watch at previous employers.

Through our comprehensive background investigations, clients gain the ability to make informed decisions, safeguarding their companies not only in the present but also for the times ahead.

"The Secret to a Great Board? Vetting your Candidates"

by IGI Executive Vice President Doug Graham, in Chief Executive magazine

While top corporate and institutional officials are experts at assessing issues and making fact-based decisions, considerations surrounding appointments of fellow senior leaders can present unique risks to the reputations of the decision-makers and their institutions.

Candidates for these types of positions typically have navigated complex issues of their own and succeeded in gaining the respect of many in their field. Finalist candidates will have survived an extensive information-gathering process resulting in dossiers of press, routine public information and more informal (and indispensable) network inquiries. But an independent professional vetting process can further reduce the risks of making a bad decision or being unprepared to deal with surprising public relations aspects as the candidate is subjected to a higher level of scrutiny in their new position...

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"Thanks for being so diligent. I appreciate your discretion and sensitivity on this."

~ Global Head of HR for a major investment firm

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