Companies and individuals turn to us when their reputation, privacy or security are at stake, and when specialized resources and expertise is necessary. We take proactive measures to protect our clients’ interests and address their problems.

  • Defense of Companies’ Reputations and Brand Equity

    We assist companies facing attacks from external parties aiming to harm their business operations, reputation, or relationships with regulators, clients, or the public.

    Allegations against a company, its products or services, even if unfounded, may be amplified on the internet and escalate into an existential threat. A company’s size alone, the nature of its business, its role as an innovator or disruptor, or its bid to enter a new market can paint a bull’s-eye on its back. Negative press coverage, circulation of an anonymous dossier of misinformation, public protests, calls for a boycott, class action lawsuits, Congressional hearings and calls for government regulatory action may ensue. In fact, such events may be instigated and propelled by a coordinated disinformation campaign being waged against our client.

    We have been successful in identifying the perpetrators of these campaigns, tracing their ties to each other and their sources of funding, tracking their plans, and monitoring their activities. We’ve been successful in identifying hidden collusion among adverse parties arrayed against our clients and exposed those parties self-interested motives and agendas and their funding in some cases by moneyed interests acting behind the scenes against our client.

    We advise clients on how best to mount a defense by leveraging our intelligence to inform and support their legal, media, public affairs, and lobbying strategies.

  • Defense Against Online Threats and Harassment

    We provide a tailored range of services for celebrities, high net worth individuals, professional athletes, and others facing online threats, harassment, impersonation, cyberstalking, or personal attacks.

    If a threat – or impersonation, harassment or cyberstalking – is coming from an anonymous source made under a pseudonym, we employ sophisticated cyber forensics measures, social media research, human intelligence and other steps to unmask and profile the author(s) of the threat.

    We assess the seriousness and scope of the threat and attack the problem both online and in the physical world, via physical security enhancements and mitigation and minimization techniques. We will help tailor a communications and public relations strategy related to the incident and provide counsel on potential legal remedies through our affiliated law firm.

    IGI can take measures to the extent possible to remove the offending online content and remove a client’s personal information from internet search results, liaise with media outlets to reduce exposure of personal information in publications, and coordinate with appropriate third parties to remove trademarked content online. IGI also can educate clients on current best practices for online behavior, password management and personal profile monitoring strategies. We also can continue to monitor the situation and address new concerns, should they arise.

    As needed, IGI will collaborate with the client’s existing legal or public relations counsel in crafting appropriate responses to the online threat or crisis. Where appropriate, we're well-positioned to refer matters to appropriate law enforcement agencies, at the client’s direction.

  • Leaks and Unauthorized Disclosures

    Leak cases combine expert interviews and document review with sophisticated computer forensic analysis of the client’s file and exchange servers as well as devices issued to employees.

    We investigate leaks or misappropriation of confidential or proprietary information and trade secrets, and of sensitive personal data. Our work in this practice area spans a number of scenarios: an employee with a grudge leaks information to the news media or posts it anonymously to the internet; a competitor lures away an employee who brings trade secrets with him; an employee uses or sells potentially market-moving information for stock trading; a hostile outside actor hacks into our client’s computer network and steals data or e-mails for commercial or political ends.

    On a priority basis, our computer security experts determine whether the breach is ongoing, monitor and secure the system, block unauthorized access, and attempt to identify and locate the hackers attempting to penetrate the system. Our team also will assess the extent of the data breach, identify vulnerabilities in network architecture and systems management that the hackers exploited and recommend and implement security systems to prevent a recurrence.

  • Intellectual Property and Anti-Piracy Investigations

    Our approach to IP investigations involves identifying and developing intelligence on those involved in the illegal operations, including the production of counterfeit goods, logistical support systems (including production of packaging materials), export, import, distribution, and sales channels, and – where applicable– corruption of law enforcement and customs officials.

    Counterfeiting, piracy, patent infringement, and copyright and trademark infringement, as well as contraband smuggling and so-called “gray market” product diversion, threaten our clients’ brand equity and the value and reputation of their products.

    Our intellectual property investigations have involved a diversity of products, including computer hardware and software, art, music, films, pharmaceuticals, toys, designer apparel and accessories, watches, and sporting equipment.

    IGI has infiltrated counterfeiting rings by impersonating buyers and suppliers in order to purchase products and collect evidence – both in-person and over the Internet, and at the retail and wholesale levels. IGI also coordinates domestic and foreign customs and law enforcement authorities to effect the interdiction and impounding of counterfeit goods.

    IGI works with corporate clients to conduct internal and external investigations of suspected industrial espionage and theft of proprietary information and trade secrets, and to investigate former employees suspected of violating non-compete agreements. IGI also advises clients on methods for protecting company trade secrets and minimizing loss of proprietary information.

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~ Chief Security Officer of Fortune 100 Company

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