We apply proprietary sources and methods and leverage our network of contacts in Washington D.C. and worldwide to develop actionable intelligence and insight.

Regulatory and competitive intelligence is crucial to a well-executed business strategy. By staying informed about the evolving regulatory landscape and understanding the competitive environment, companies can make better-informed decisions, adapt to changes, and gain or maintain a competitive edge in existing or new markets.

We help clients navigate the regulatory landscape, gain insight into competitors and identify and understand relevant stakeholders, influencers and interest groups in order to achieve an informational advantage in adversarial and competitive circumstances.

Our Clients Are:

Multinational corporations entering new markets or vying for major contracts task IGI to survey and map competitive landscapes and advise on political and other risk factors.

Fortune 500 companies seeking to defend or extend market share hire IGI to obtain information about their competitors’ strategic plans, product pipelines and financial wherewithal, or about potential market disruptors. 

Hedge funds and other asset managers retain IGI to research existing or prospective portfolio companies and business opportunities.

Start-up companies hire us to develop insight into the competitors and the government regulations and rule-making regulators that shape the market.

What we've achieved for our clients:

Our regulatory and competitive intelligence has helped clients avert attempts to shut down infrastructure projects and roll-outs of new product or services, as well as attempts by adverse actors to cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in government or private sector funding and capital investment.

We have exposed collusion among federal agencies and private parties to inhibit the use of client’s disruptive or next-generation technologies.

We have revealed disqualifying conflicts of interest held by influential government regulators.

We have demonstrated that advocacy groups and activists working against our clients are surreptitiously funded by competing interest groups.

We advise clients on how best to meet these challenges and navigate the regulatory environment by leveraging our intelligence to inform and support their marketing, legal, media, public affairs, and lobbying strategies.

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“IGI helped us identify and overcome key obstacles during our FDA approval process, and I would highly recommend their services to any company seeking regulatory clearance in a highly competitive, politicized environment. Their exceptional skill set, high integrity and deep knowledge of how Washington DC operates makes them an indispensable partner – whether you are a startup or a multinational.”

— CEO of medical device manufacturer

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